Project to connect Earnshaw families west of Bradford

Name List

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HARLING, Jeremiah born Cir 1854, Gargrave, Yorkshire
HARRISON, died Bef 1871
HARRISON, Elizabeth born Cir 1836, Warley, Yorkshire
HARRISON, Sarah born Cir 1832, Warley, Yorkshire
HARTLEY, Elizabeth born Cir 1835, Kildwick, Yorkshire
HEATON, died Bef 1871
HEATON, Hannah born Cir 1856, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
HEATON, Humphrey born Cir 1848, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
HEATON, Joseph born Cir 1854, Birstal, Yorkshire
HEY, Betty born Cir 1824, Keighley, Yorkshire
HILLAM, Charlotte born Cir 1816, Drighlington, Yorkshire
HILLAM, George born Cir 1786, Tong, Yorkshire
HILLAM, George born Cir 1829, Drighlington, Yorkshire
HOLMES, died Bef 1881
HOLMES, Ann born Cir 1855, Bingley, Yorkshire
HOLMES, Charles born Cir 1860, Bingley, Yorkshire
HOLMES, Earnshaw born Cir 1858, Bingley, Yorkshire
HOLMES, Hannah born Cir 1802, Haworth, Yorkshire chr. 19 Oct 1802, Haworth, Yorkshire died Bef 1871
HOLMES, Martha born Cir 1838, Wilsden, Yorkshire died Cir Dec 1876, Bradford, Yorkshire
HOLMES, Mary Ann born Cir 1835, Keighley, Yorkshire
HOLMES, Mary born Cir 1847, Bingley, Yorkshire
HOLMES, William born Cir 1852, Bingley, Yorkshire
HOPKINSON, died Bef 1871
HOPKINSON, Ann born Cir 1848, Yarm, Yorkshire
HOPKINSON, John born Cir 1840, Drighlington, Yorkshire
HOPKINSON, Oliver born Cir 1847, Leeds, Yorkshire
HORRACKS, James born Cir 1825, Middletown, Lancashire