Project to connect Earnshaw families west of Bradford

Name List

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SANDERSON, Alice Taylor born Cir Dec 1904, Rochdale, Lancashire
SANDERSON, Emma Taylor born Cir Mar 1908, Rochdale, Lancashire
SANDERSON, George born Cir Dec 1869, Rochdale, Lancashire died 1924
SANDERSON, Gladys Taylor born Cir Sep 1900, Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire
SANDERSON, Thomas Henry born Cir 1842, Stansfield, Yorkshire died Cir Dec 1871, Rochdale, Lancashire
SCHOFIELD, Sarah E born Cir 1861, North Bierley, Yorkshire
SHACKLETON, Rebecca born Cir 1811, Haworth, Yorkshire
SHAW, Alice born Cir Dec 1848, Rochdale, Lancashire died 10 Feb 1922, Rochdale, Lancashire
SHAW, Edward born 1860, Rochdale, Lancashire
SHAW, Harriett born Cir 1854, Rochdale, Lancashire
SHAW, John born Cir 1840, Rochdale, Lancashire
SHAW, William born Cir 1820, Derbyshire
SHAW, William born 1851, Rochdale, Lancashire
SHEARD, Hannah born Cir 1850, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
SMITH, Abraham born Cir 1857, Saltaire, Yorkshire
SMITH, Hannah born Cir 1814, Ovenden, Yorkshire
SMITH, Maria born Cir 1854, Saltaire, Yorkshire
SMITH, Thomas William born Cir 1852, Bradford, Yorkshire
SMITH, William born Cir 1806, Keighley, Yorkshire
SUNDERLAND, John born Cir 1810, Haworth, Yorkshire
SUTCLIFF, Allan born Cir 1823, Halifax, Yorkshire
SUTCLIFF, Sarah Elizabeth born Cir 1857, Bradford, Yorkshire
SUTCLIFF, Violet born Cir 1859, Bradford, Yorkshire
SUTCLIFF, Walter born Cir 1855, Huddersfield, Yorkshire