Project to connect Earnshaw families west of Bradford

Name List

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BAILEY, Alice born Cir 1830, Bingley, Yorkshire
BINNS, Abednego died Bef 1881
BINNS, Emma born Cir 1850, Keighley, Yorkshire
BINNS, Lewis born Cir 1864, Thornton, Yorkshire
BINNS, Mary Hannah born Cir 1867, Denholme, Yorkshire
BIRDSALL, Benjamin born Cir 1840, Yeaden, Yorkshire died Bef 1881
BIRDSALL, Clara born Cir 1869, Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire
BIRDSALL, Walter born Cir 1871, Baildon, Yorkshire
BLAMIRES, Ada born Cir 1876, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
BLAMIRES, Edward born Cir 1829, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
BLAMIRES, Elizabeth born Cir 1856, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
BLAMIRES, Jane born Cir 1851, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
BLAMIRES, Rebecca born Cir 1868, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
BLAMIRES, Sarah born 1870, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
BOWCOCK, Mary born Cir 1791, Haworth, Yorkshire
BROOK, Jane born Cir 1795, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire died Bef 1881
BROWN, Amy born Cir 1878, Bradford, Yorkshire
BROWN, Annie born Cir 1867, Bradford, Yorkshire
BROWN, Clara born Cir 1872, Bradford, Yorkshire
BROWN, Eva born Cir 1880, Bradford, Yorkshire
BROWN, William born Cir 1841, Wueterton, Lincolnshire
BUTTERFIELD, Ellen (Nelly) born Cir 1794, Haworth, Yorkshire
BUTTERFIELD, Mary born Cir 1802, Keighley, Yorkshire
BUTTERFIELD, Sarah born Cir 1815, Keighley, Yorkshire chr. 24 Jun 1816, Haworth, Yorkshire