Project to connect Earnshaw families west of Bradford

Name List

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GARSIDE, Fred born Cir 1867, Birstal, Yorkshire
GARSIDE, Isaac born Cir 1824, Halifax, Yorkshire
GARSIDE, Rufus born Cir 1868, Birstal, Yorkshire
GARSIDE, Walter born Cir 1874, Hunsworth, Yorkshire
GELDARD, Fred born Cir 1859, Thornton, Yorkshire
GELDARD, Henrietta born 1880, Clayton, Yorkshire
GREENWOOD, Hiram born Cir 1864, Keighley, Yorkshire
GREENWOOD, John died Bef 1871
GREENWOOD, John born Cir 1843, Bingley, Yorkshire
GREENWOOD, Joseph born Cir 1862, Keighley, Yorkshire
GREENWOOD, Robinson born Cir 1840, Haworth, Yorkshire
GREENWOOD, Sarah Ann born Cir 1844, Bingley, Yorkshire
GREENWOOD, Thomas born Cir 1818, Haworth, Yorkshire
GREENWOOD, Thomas born Cir 1849, Haworth, Yorkshire
GRIMSHAW, Isabella