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Current On-going Projects

It is all too easy to get side-tracked onto many areas of parallel research, especially when contacted by someone who has found a name in the tree. I will continue to answer questions and carry out small amounts of research on names when contacted. But mostly I will attempt to concentrate on completing specific areas of research before moving onto another. (famous last words!! - I still can't resist a challenge, however remote the twig is)

At present I am trying to complete, as far as is reasonably possible, the descendants of James Blackmore and Grace Rendle. The only other project that is active is into Jack Kenneth Sunderland Earnshaw during WW2.

Since we were going to Exeter in October 2005, I searched for further information on the Best family in Exmouth, but this is normally a third priority task.

  1. Complete documentation of what happened to Jack Kenneth Sunderland Earnshaw in Singapore during World War 2
  2. Trace William Blackmore's family- remaining tasks are :
  3. The Earnshaw family
  4. Trace more of the Thorn(e) Family of Devon during 19th Century
  5. Try to sort out which John Thorne, baptised in 1800 at South Molton, was ours - there were two, both with father called William
  6. Trace the Best family of Exmouth before 1750s and track more branches forward in time
  7. Find further information on the Gibson / Potter / Abell families of East London
  8. Index and publish the Lindley family history from 15th century including effects of Holmfirth flood of 1852
  9. Sort out and publish the photographs we have been amassing

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