The Earnshaw Family History
In Words and Pictures

I set out to document a bit of my life and the quest to find my past. But so far most of the vast amount of information published relates to our family trees. So I really must try to record a bit more about ourselves so that our children don't have to start from the limited knowledge that we had.
So far, I have only had time to provide this sketchy set of notes and pictures. and with so much actual research to do, I am finding it hard to break off to update this part of the site.
Please look at the "Current Projects" page to find out the next steps I am following up.

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Photos of Thorne Family - start of new section
  Honours Board at Archdeacon Cambridge School(new window)
  Thorne at Yarner

Photos relating to Earnshaw family in Yorkshire
  Church Hill, Luddenden
  Grave of Thomas Earnshaw, Luddenden
  Edge Bottom, Denholme
  Grave of John Earnshaw, Denholme Edge
  Lane Ends, Midgley
  Providence Place, Midgley
  Elland Wharf

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